Phil Mickelson Is 50: Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Have To Love Lefty

Phil Mickelson


Dude’s turning 50 this month? Does not seem possible! Wasn’t it just last year, at the Masters, that the guy was bopping down Magnolia Lane in a courtesy car, a cellphone pointed at him, declaring himself ready to “hit bombs” with his 125-mile-per-hour clubhead speed? What grown man does that? Aside from Phil. The clip’s been viewed five million times.

Find a younger 50-year-old. One of his signature moves, post-round, is to push his luxuriant hair back off his forehead, like a surfer coming out of the ocean. Why? Because he still can.

“You know Phil,” his wife, Amy, likes to say. “He’s all about the fun.”

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