What Is The Difference Between Flexibility And Mobility?


Flexibility and mobility are not the same thing. Most people understand that flexibility is the degree to which a muscle can be passively moved through a range of motion — like when stretching. Mobility, on the other hand, is not as commonly understood—despite being more important for your general health and your golf game.

Mobility is the degree to which you can actively move a joint through its range of motion—like during a golf swing. Mobility in the feet, hips, upper back, and shoulders is crucial for a great golf swing. But many people mistakenly rely on stretching to try to increase and maintain mobility, and that alone won’t do it.

To achieve — and maintain — maximum mobility, you need to put your body through a routine that creates an active range of motion. The GOLFFOREVER Mobility and Flexibility Daily Routine combines the most efficient and effective movements in a simple 15-minute exercise routine you can do virtually anywhere. Yes, we’re saying you can maximize your mobility in just 15 minutes a day!

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