What’s Life Like For Caddies When There’s No Golf Being Played?


With no golf being played for the foreseeable future, everyone associated with professional golf — from players to coaches to officials — has a lot more time on their hands in early spring than they usually do.

Another group that has considerable time on their hands these days is caddies. Normally they’d be gearing up for the Masters as the PGA Tour kicks into high gear for the run into summer. But now? Nothing but time.

Geno Bonalie usually loops for Joel Dahmen, but these days he’s holed up in his Idaho home working on house projects. Chris Nash shleps for Houston Open champion Lanto Griffin, but now he’s decided to wait out the madness with another caddie down in Florida. They were both nice enough to update me on what the life of a caddie entails when there’s no golf being played.

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