6 Foods You Can Eat To Dial-In Your Performance On The Golf Course


The halfway house hot dog is one of life’s most tempting foods. There’s nothing quite like the savory, grilled doughy goodness of a good frank in the midst of a long afternoon out on the course. Coincidentally, there are few things worse for helping you attain peak performance than a steady diet of high-carb, high-salt hot dogs. And while cutting them out of your diet might seem like a good idea, you’d rather play like garbage than replace your hot dogs with kale, quinoa or some other trendy food option.

Luckily for you, in an infinite world of “superfoods,” the grub maximizing your performance could be quite ordinary. Tyler Jean is a doctoral candidate in Naturopathic Medicine and the face behind the popular Instagram nutrition account @Functional.Foods. Here are six of his favorite foods to boost your next round and beyond.

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