British Columbia Golf’s H2F (Home To Fairway) Program

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The following 7 drills are adapted drills from British Columbia Golf’s Playground 2 Fairways (P2F) school golf program and can easily be done at home.

In fact, we call this program “Home to Fairway” or H2F. Each drill comes with a written explanation on this page along with a video demonstration which will be linked here next to the explanation.

There are also written reasons on why each of the skills focused on in these drills will help with golf and other sports.

British Columbia Golf’s P2F at Home – Drills

While we are all isolating due to COVID – 19 we would like to continue to support our youth to live an active, healthy lifestyle in a fun and safe environment.

Program Introduction Video


Having good balance is the foundation of good athletics. Balance is key in golf and all other sports. In golf this will help us with making solid contact with the ball no matter where the ball is on the course.

Balance Drill: One Leg Stand:


  • Stand still on your right leg only while you count to
  • Switch to the left leg and stand only on the left while you count to


Rotation is key in any sport where our body is turning. This includes the golf swing, hitting a baseball, or taking a slapshot in hockey. For golf having better rotation will give you a bigger turn and help with your full swings.

Rotation Drill: “X” Turns:

  • Take an athletic stance (feet wider than shoulder width and knees flexed) and make an X with your arms in front of your
  • Rotated fully 10 5 rotations to each side.

Upper Body Power:

Improving upper body power or strength will help you in all sports. In golf, being stronger and more powerful will help you be able to hit the ball further and help you be more stable over the ball.

Upper Body Power Drill: Push Up:


  • Start on all 4’s (hands and feet) and go down until your chest is right at the floor then come back up as fast as you Try to start with 10 but see if you can do more than that.
  • If you have somebody else to do the drills with push ups can be a fun Who can do more!

Lower Body Power:

The lower body is the strongest part of your body. Improving lower body power will help you in all types of athletics including being able to run and skate faster, jump higher in basketball, kick a ball harder in soccer, and put more force and speed into your shots in golf.

Lower Body Power Drill: Wall Sit:


  • Start with your back up against a wall and go down into a sitting position with your knees making a 90 degree Try to hold the sit for 30 seconds or longer if you can.

Chipping (Feel):

This is a little more of a golf specific skill than the others working on chipping. However, this chipping drill will help you develop feel for all types of sports. Examples would be hockey where you have to pass to certain spot on the ice or baseball where you have to throw to the proper spot to make an out.

Chipping Drill: Underhand Sock Toss:


  • ** Materials Needed** - One Pair of clean socks bundled up, large bowl / box / bucket
  • Place the bowl on the ground or counter and stand 5 – 15 feet away from it holding the socks in your dominate (If you are right handed that is your right hand)
  • Stand sideways to the ball and using a chipping motion (shown in the video) try to underhand toss the socks into the bowl
  • Goal is to be able to get the socks to land in the bowl 3 times in a

Core Strength:

Core strength is right there with balance as being the key foundation for good athletics. They actually work hand in hand in that the better your core strength is the better your balance will be. Having a stronger core will help in golf by keeping you more stable over the ball in all shots from putting to chipping to the full swing.

Core Strength Drill: Plank:


  • Start by going on the ground with your elbows, forearms and toes touching the ground
  • Lift your stomach and the rest of your body off the ground so you are in a still plank like position
  • Hold the plank for 30 seconds or longer if you

Hand Eye Coordination:

This is important for any sport when you have to hit an object or catch an object. This includes hitting and catching a baseball, passing and shooting a hockey puck, racquet sports like tennis and badminton, and of course all golf shots.

Hand Eye Coordination Drill: Ball Bounce:


  • **Materials Needed** - Hard Cover book, ball (tennis ball would work best but any smaller ball would be ok too).
  • Holding the book in both hands balance the ball on the Bounce the ball gently off the cover and try to keep it up in the air for ten bounces or more if you can!