AboutGOLF Launches AG Locker 2.0 Mobile App

Shaking up the golf simulation world once again, aboutGOLF (aG), the leader in the premium indoor golf & entertainment experience, announced the launch of a mobile app that provides new opportunities for golfers and simulator retailers. As of today, golfers can download the aG Locker 2.0 app by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play on their mobile devices.

The new app enables a personal journey with golf and establishes a social connection to the game. With the release today, aG simulator users simply check-in to their golf session with a mobile QR code, and all their game and shot data is saved to the cloud. Golfers can share their game data with golf instructors, friends and fellow competitors. A golfer’s achievements, records, and milestones are all tracked.

Last year, aboutGOLF won Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice award for premium, immersive simulators, and intends to leverage technology to democratize a sport that was once nearly exclusively for the wealthy and hardcore enthusiasts.

“The point of golf is to build a community, and you can’t build a community when only a certain portion of the population has access to the game. Technology is the great equalizer,” said Ken Kamada, Chief Operating Officer of aboutGOLF. “aG Locker is intended to showcase your personal journey with golf and establish a connection to the game. Whether you’re a fanatic who loves to analyze your game data or you’re trying to spend more time with friends and family, the Locker app gives people a sense of community.”

People who play traditional golf face several barriers including inclement weather, cost, lack of free time, and the pressure associated with playing on a course. aG’s simulation technology, coupled with the new aG Locker app, tears down those barriers for golfers, and their families and friends.

The release of the Modern Golf mobile app, aG Locker 2.0, is the first of many steps aboutGOLF is taking to connect people to the sport. The mobile application is integrated with aboutGOLF simulators, allowing people a seamless login experience and instant access to their simulator game data. This new way of connecting to the simulator promises to reduce overhead for indoor golf centers and improve the customer experience by checking them in faster, so they can spend more time on the game.

The aG Locker community can now track fellow golfers and connect with people who share their favorite locations. aG Locker enables players to compete in online competitions and tournaments, as well. The company also sees this as an opportunity for indoor golf centers to expand their customer base, lower overhead costs and connect with their customers on a more meaningful level.

At Play-a-Round Golf, a Philadelphia-area golf simulator provider, owner Steve Graves Sr. readily sees the benefits for his customers:

“Our goal is to bring people together through the game of golf. aboutGOLF simulators enable us to offer quality golf simulation in comfortable settings, at affordable cost, when our customers are ready.

“aG Locker brings meaningful data to our customers. These new features will help customers connect with us and each other – bringing people together to play year-round,” Graves said.

aG’s premise is that Modern Golf should be played anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Our software analyzes data to improve your game. Our golf and entertainment experience brings you the unimaginable. Most importantly, our platform connects you with others—because together is better and the future of golf.

For more information, contact Matthew Pilla, aboutGOLF public relations +1.425.802.6653

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