The Best Pours And Plates In Golf

By ADAM STANLEY, Links Magazine

Every golf course in the world has a reason for people to visit it. Whether it’s a local muni steeped in history and closeness to its community, or a bucket-list private club halfway around the world — you go to a golf course to experience everything they’ve got.

And sometimes, the things they’ve got have nothing to actually do with the golf course itself. It’s an Instagram-crazy world out there and golf courses have been swept into the hoopla of creating foodie-friendly items that are worth a like on social media.

On this list, we’re celebrating the food and drink items that golf courses have become famous for. Sure, the courses themselves are worth a trip — but a repeat visit might be wrapped in wanting to imbibe in the bistro instead.

Cabot Links’ Seafood Chowder

When journalists began to come to Cabot Links to not even play golf — just try the chowder — the staff at Canada’s top layout knew they had a winner on their hands. Other courses can serve a chowder, but it’s almost impossible to top Cabot’s given its proximity to some of the best seafood in the world on Cape Breton. Cabot’s version features haddock, scallops, and lobster, plus bacon, potatoes, carrots, leeks, and celery.

Here are the best pours and plates in golf...