2020 Mackenzie Tour Q-School FAQs


Please be advised that this is not an exhaustive list of questions or answers pertaining to the policies, procedures or rules associated with the Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada Qualifying Tournament. For complete information, please click here and refer to the ‘2020 MTPGATC Qualifying Tournament - Procedures & Information’ document provided online.

How is the registration / application process different than previous years?

For 2020, the system will look slightly different than previous years, but all applications must be submitted online through our q-school registration platform. Unlike in previous seasons where applicants were accepted on a first-come, first-serve or ‘time-stamped’ basis, all applicants will have a one-week period in which to complete the online registration process. Competitors will rank-order their preferred sites and be selected via a random lottery process.

Is there any preference or accommodation of members as was done in previous years?

Members will be given preference in site assignment, but subject to the same entry opening and closing deadlines as non-members. As such, members will be drawn from the lottery process first, but no other preference or accommodation is guaranteed.

How many players qualify for the Mackenzie Tour from each Q-School stop?

Medalists from each site will be fully exempt in 2020, while finishers 2-14 will be exempt through the reshuffle following the completion of the sixth event. In the event of a tie for 1st or 14th position, there will be a hole-by-hole playoff immediately following play. Finishers 15-40, and any player tied for 40th place, will receive conditional status to the Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada for the 2020 season. Note that a reduction or undersubscription of field size may result in an adjustment of these qualifying membership commitments.

What does conditional status get me?

Conditional membership does not guarantee players starts in Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada events. In 2019, the number of conditional members who earned starts in the first six (6) events (i.e., through the mid-season re-shuffle) ranged from five (5) to twenty-six (26).

Conditional status does provide membership incentives such as: TPC facility access, reduced Open Qualifying fees, exempt through following year’s pre-qualifying for Korn Ferry Tour Q-School, access to re-shuffles, etc.

When can I sign up for Q-School?

The application for the 2020 Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada Qualifying Tournament will be open to the public on Tuesday, January 14th @ 12:00 PM (EST).

Is anybody eligible to sign up for a Mackenzie Tour Q-School event?

Applications are open to both professionals and amateurs with a handicap of 2 or less.

How do I sign-up for a Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada Q-School event?

All sign-ups are done online through an online application portal. Applications are not considered submitted unless they are completed through the online portal, with entry fees paid and a confirmation email received.

Where should I go to register on January 14, 2020? 

The application will be available to view here before the sign-up date

How much does Q-School cost?

The sign-up fee for Q-School in 2020 is $2,850 USD and can be made by VISA or MasterCard only.  American Express and Visa debit cards are NOT recommended

Can I pick which site I play?

Each player is able to rank-order sites in order of preference; the lottery process will attempt to assign players to their highest-ranked site on a space-available basis.

How many sites are available?

In 2020, there are six (6) qualifying sites with five (5) contested in the United States and one (1) in Canada. Sites, locations and dates can be found by clicking here and utilizing the drop-down menu. If there is sufficient demand, an overflow site will be available as a seventh site.

Can I get into a site from the alternate list? How does the alternate list work?

It is very likely; in the past 2 years there have been 100+ players offered a spot from the alternate list.

As a change in 2020, alternates will be able to maintain their spot as an alternate at one of their ranked-sites as determined by the Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada. Once an alternates list for a specific site has been exhausted, playing opportunities, if available, will be extended to the highest-ranking alternate at the next site, and so on.  If an alternate is not offered a spot (due to insufficient withdrawals) he would receive a full refund.

Am I eligible to receive a refund if I withdraw prior to competition?

Yes, however a processing fee of $300 USD will be assessed should you withdraw prior to one week of your assigned competition, and a fee of $1,000 USD will be assessed should you withdraw within one week of assigned competition.

No refunds will be issued to contestants after they have started play in the Qualifying Tournament.

Full refunds will be offered to those who withdraw while on the alternate list.

Can I play at multiple sites?

No. Each applicant may only play one site. Once applicant Is assigned to a site, it may not be changed.