PGA of Canada Announces Play Ability Test Changes Effective January 1, 2020


After two years of extensive research and feedback from our members, boards, zones, Golf Canada, International PGA's and the association's exit surveys, the PGA of Canada is announcing updates to the Play Ability Test (PAT) process effective January 1, 2020.

While maintaining the integrity of playing ability, these updates streamline the PAT process and address several key areas identified as barriers to joining the association.

The PGA of Canada has addressed the below points with the new PAT process:

  • The new PAT process will be consistent across the country, including the cost, which has been made more affordable for all prospective members.
  • The new PAT process standardizes and simplifies the registration process for PAT's; applicants will register centrally on for all PAT attempts moving forward.
  • Eliminating the IN and OUT scores; the PAT will be conducted over one 18-hole round.
  • Separate PAT target scores for men, women, and seniors, backed by handicap data from Golf Canada.

NEW PAT Process

Step 1 - Register online at - The cost is $325 plus tax, which includes your 1st PAT attempt and is valid for one year from the date of the registration. After a year, you must re-register as an applicant to register for and attempt at PAT.

Step 2 - Register online at for all PAT's - ($150 per attempt, PAT's for 2020 to be posted online by April 1)

NEW PAT Exemption Process

Step 1 - Register online at - at $325 plus tax

Step 2 - Submit your scores for a possible PAT Exemption (click here), using the online form at (if successful, an additional fee of $25 plus tax applies).