Is The First Weekend In February The Best Weekend In Sports?

Super Bowl Sunday, Waste Management Open all weekend, UFC fights, and a little hockey and basketball sprinkled in to make for an epic sports weekend

remember it like it was yesterday getting ready for this weekend attending the Professional Golf Management program in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Now being over 10 years ago I remember basically staring at a TV sitting in a bar for hours straight.

After watching the Waste Management Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday we always made time to get to the bar and watch it right until the Super Bowl started.

It seemed like every year the WMO continued to get more interesting including multiple playoffs.

If we got there early enough we could catch a few periods of a hockey game.

Those times betting with all my friends, throwing money in on all bar square boards, and yelling and screaming to the big game along with everyone else.

This is what sports can do is bring family and friends together.

Is this the most epic sports weekend of the year?

I really think so!