Some Gift Ideas For The Golfer Who Has Just About Everything

By Gord Montgomery, Senior Writer, Inside Golf

NORTH POLE, Alberta — Okay, I’ll admit it: it’s time to drag my wallet out of my pocket and fork over some hard-earned cash for Christmas golf gifts for those special people on my list. But most golfers I know, and likely all those you know, have the latest and greatest tech and game-improvement gadgets on today’s market. So what do you do?

After some diligent searching on my part, I’ve come up with a few items that may work, depending of course on how deep that wallet of yours is. In all likelihood, it’s far deeper than mine!

To get things started, let’s begin with something that makes everyone smile, especially the owner. This item, a running shoe design, is usually made only for blade putters, but I imagine with a bit of intrepid searching on your part, you may be able to find some for mallet-style putters. A word of warning here: be careful of the price point. I got mine for under $15 (CAD) but I have seen them online for over $100 and, while these are neat, they aren’t worth that much money!

(Photo From Golf Canada Facebook)

How about a gift that keeps on giving every time your recipient plays? A Golf Canada membership is the ideal solution here. These run around $63 (CAD) but provide a wealth of security for the golfer in your life, plus a handicap tracker that allows you to track putts per round, greens in regulation, and driving accuracy. What this membership provides also includes incident protection including the loss or damage to your clubs, accidental damages (up to a specific amount) to a motorized golf cart, and window replacement insurance in case of a wicked slice off the tee into someone’s front window. You can also receive rental car and hotel discounts for those golf trips everyone loves to take. There’s more, but see those for yourself at

(Photo From Play Golf Alberta Facebook)

Speaking of great deals, especially if you live in Alberta, check out for discounted tee times of up to 40 percent (sometimes higher) for courses in and around Edmonton and Calgary as well as rural properties. There are now gift certificates available online for the amount you wish to spend on some great courses. They’ll be adding new courses in Central Alberta in 2024 and some great tracks in Kelowna, BC ( this coming year. Best of all, there is no membership fee! You simply go to the site, click on the gift certificate icon, and decide the amount you want to spend. Your recipient can then choose where and when they want to play.

I’ll admit this next gift idea is pricey, but there are times when you get what you pay for. The newest eyewear, as in shades, to hit the market is Uswing, an upscale brand that helps golfers get a better read on the slopes, slants, and grain on putting greens. These glasses help so much they are referred to as the “15th club in your bag.” To make a long story short, these glasses give a wearer the “ability to distinguish green patterns and slope, no parallaxes, calmness, and mind-focused assistance, along with eye protection. Uswing is created not only as an essential accessory for golfers but also a symbol of high quality and fashion sense.”

I have a pair of these and this is true: they look sharp and they do help you read greens better. They come in several styles for adults and juniors, as well as with prescription lenses The cost is steep but again, you get what you pay for. For more on these glasses and which professional players use them, go to As a bonus, you get the recipient’s first name engraved on the arm of the glasses.

Here’s another way to help someone save money on green fees: the Canada Golf Card. With a yearly membership fee of under $70, a holder receives discounts at 650 golf courses, driving ranges, and indoor golf facilities across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. Each facility included on the card offers four discounted offerings including 2-for-1 pricing, free golf carts, or pro shop savings. More on how to purchase and save cash is at

If you can’t afford to buy your golfer a new set of clubs like he/she has been hinting at for several months now, how about a new set of grips? The hanger-on part of the golf club is key to hitting those pure shots and at a fraction of the cost of new sticks, these solve the problem. The thing is, a new grip can make an old club, like the TaylorMade Burner 5-Wood shown here, look almost brand new. Your local pro shop, or a golf store, can wrap up a set in no time with a variety of brands that are sure to help someone you love swing better and smile more.

Hopefully, these ideas give you an easy up-and-down for gift giving to the golfer who has just about everything needed, as we are already looking forward to the next golf season.

Merry Christmas!