MGI Zip Navigator Features A Full Directional Remote Control

The MGI Zip Navigator is the most advanced electric golf caddy on the market, with automatic downhill speed control, twin 230w motors, patented gyroscope straight tracker technology and a Click & Go lithium 24v 380Wh battery. However, the most notable feature of the MGI Zip Navigator comes clipped to the top box. The MGI Zip Navigator features a full directional remote control which allows the user to remotely move their caddy forward, in reverse, left, right, stop and lock onto a certain speed, as well as adjust speed on the go. With the full directional remote control, any golfer can smoothly transition to walking the course whilst your MGI Zip Navigator does all the work, reducing fatigue and allowing you to play at your best. Navigate your clubs through variations in rough, around tee boxes, greens, and obstacles with ease with the MGI Zip Navigator. Walk free, play hard. For more information on the MGI Zip Series range visit our website