PTE Golf Announces New Addition To Wood Collection

The Wood product collection has once again been expanded — PTE Golf is excited to introduce the Wooden Ashtray!

This isn’t your father’s ashtray, that’s for sure. Crafted from the finest walnut and laser-engraved with your club logo, our Ashtray is a cut above the rest. You’ve spent so much effort improving your club’s aesthetic– why settle for just any old ashtray when your guests could be resting their cigars on a beautiful work of art?

PTE Golf’s Wooden Ashtray has six spaces for your cigars to rest. Combined with its 8.5″ diameter, it’s the perfect addition to your club’s smoking area. Functional yet classy, the Wooden Ashtray will bring an air of sophistication that your guests are sure to appreciate — whether they smoke or not.

The Wooden Ashtray also joins PTE Golf’s wooden Ball Markers and Bag Tags as another great addition to your merchandise shop! Approximately 4.5% of Americans smoke cigars– that’s 12.2 million people. With this in mind, it goes to reason that a sizable percent of your club’s guests probably enjoy a cigar on occasion! Priced wholesale at just $39.95 for this gorgeous product, it’s easy to see the possibilities of this item becoming a bestseller in your shop.

Whether given as a player gift, sold in your shop, or simply enjoyed as an upscale amenity in your club, PTE Golf’s Wooden Ashtray is sure to be an instant classic. Get yours today by visiting or by calling PTE Golf at 561-630-5205!

About PTE Golf
PTE Golf stands for Professional Tournament Enhancements, and that’s exactly what they do: provide a variety of originally designed items specifically for PGA Professionals, Tournament Directors, and Event Coordinators to elevate the appearance and operation of their clubs. Founded by PGA Professional Bobby Pollitt and his son, Matt Pollitt, in 2004, PTE Golf’s products are formulated to fix common issues that club owners run into when operating a golf course.