PerfectMotion App Speeds Golfers’ Improvement Through Continuous Expert Feedback

Every golfer wants to consistently feel (and hear) the clean, “ball-first” contact that can only come from having developed a correct and repeatable swing. The PerfectMotion™ mobile app is a uniquely-personalized and immersive golf training system that allows golfers to quickly learn and feel correct body motion with every club through an innovative process of continuous expert feedback. With immediate feedback on every swing and putt, golfers learn to make adjustments until they groove proper technique. The end result is better contact, more accuracy and longer distance.

The PerfectMotion™ app allows golfers to train anywhere, anytime, with or without a ball, while receiving expert guidance on every swing and putt. To start improving, golfers simply place their phone on the ground angled up toward them and make swings with a driver, iron, wedge, or work on chips and putts. The app uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to track the golfer’s body motion and instantly determine their key swing issue. Common faults detected include motion faults like swaying, set-up and posture issues, tempo problems and excessive head motion while putting. The app then calls up professional video instruction that addresses the golfer’s specific issue and helps eliminate it.

“The feedback from the app has made a huge difference in my game. My ball-striking has improved dramatically. Perfect Motion gives me the immediate feedback needed to learn and ultimately feel my proper swing while the three skill levels keeps me motivated,” says amateur golfer Jane D., a student of Bryan Lebedevitch of the PGA West Golf Academy. The two are able to work remotely, in this case from east coast to west coast, thanks to PerfectMotion’s™ virtual instruction platform.


The PerfectMotion™ app combines bio-mechanics, physics, and data science to create an ever-evolving set of rules that are applied to each swing in real-time. “We don’t have a template for a perfect swing. Instead, by eliminating incorrect motion, we help all golfers achieve their own perfect motion– their unique motion signature. It’s the most personalized approach to golf improvement available today,” says PerfectMotion CEO Rich Kosowsky.

Better players start at, and less skilled golfers eventually progress to, a point where they don’t have any faults with their body motion. These golfers use the app’s MotionMap™, a new and concise representation of a swing which includes a trace of the body’s motion, to make fine adjustments and dial-in their best shots.

“Once I saw PerfectMotion's unique motion-mapping system, I knew there was an easier way to help students rather than overwhelming them with angles, RPMs, and degrees,” says PGA Professional and GOLF Magazine Top100 Teacher Joe Hallett. “My students take ownership of their MotionMaps™ and understand that as their maps become more consistent, they are becoming better golfers.”


While PerfectMotion™ is a self-guided process that requires no trips to the lesson tee, perhaps the most powerful component of the app is the immediate access to top-tier golf instruction. Hallett, along with former PGA TOUR star Chip Beck (one of only 11 players to have shot 59 in a PGA TOUR round) and 20 year veteran instructor Mike Sullivan highlight a growing team of PerfectMotion™ partners who value the immediacy of the app’s feedback and direct connection between student and coach.
Beck’s notable playing career provides him a unique understanding of the fundamentals of the golf swing when he works with students to improve their game.

“With PerfectMotion™ creating a real-time connection with all of my students, I now have an ability to deliver guidance and personalized instruction exactly when they need it,” Beck says.

In this video, Beck demonstrates how to properly access and benefit from the easy-to-use functions in the PerfectMotion app:

Kosowsky points out that “with PerfectMotion™, any golfer can receive personalized coaching from top instructors at a price point unheard of until now. The app immediately engages golfers, encouraging frequent usage. This usage generates the data a coach needs to evaluate golfers’ issues and efficiently deliver expert guidance and confidence. Golfers improve faster and the leverage created by the platform pays off for the instructor.”


The PerfectMotion™ app can be downloaded for the Apple iPhone in the iOS app store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store. The app comes with a 14-day free trial. After the trial, the Pro version costs $5.99 a month or a $59.99 annually.

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About PerfectMotion™
PerfectMotion™, LLC has developed and patented (pending) an app-based expert system for training the motion of activities in performance, safety/compliance and health markets. The company’s first product focuses on golf improvement. The Perfect Motion™ management team brings a combined century’s worth of expertise in technology development, data science and digital marketing. The PerfectMotion™mobile app is a uniquely-personalized and immersive golf training system that allows golfers to quickly learn and feel correct body motion with every club through an innovative process of continuous expert feedback. PerfectMotion™ has assembled a distinguished advisory board that includes three-time Ryder Cup player Chip “Mr. 59” Beck and top PGA golf instructor Joe Hallett. The PerfectMotion™ app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for $5.99/month or $59.99 annually. To learn more visit