PTE Golf Hand Sanitizer Pouch

PTE Golf Hand Sanitizer Pouch

WINTER PARK, Florida — With current health mandates in mind, some clubs have resorted to cancelling contest holes during tournaments—after all, how do you guarantee the cleanliness of your proximity markers or fairway contest markers between players? PTE Golf came up with a solution to this problem: a hand sanitizer pouch that attaches with Velcro onto proximity markers, fairway markers, bucket stands, ice chest stands, and more! The Hand Sanitizer Pouch is a convenient way for your guests to sanitize their hands while still being able to participate in exciting contest holes during your next tournament.

Made of black, UV-resistant fabric, the pouch comes with a 2 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer and a Velcro strap to attach to your equipment. While designed specifically with PTE Golf products in mind, the Hand Sanitizer Pouch is versatile- any equipment on your range that has an opening, our Hand Sanitizer Pouch will likely attach to it!

“We didn’t want to see contest holes go away because of COVID.” says CEO Matt Pollitt, who designed the product. “This pouch provides the perfect solution for any course to continue running contest holes. The guest simply uses the device like normal then grabs a squirt of hand sanitizer after putting the unit back in place”

The Hand Sanitizer Pouch can be purchased here at our online store, or by calling 561-630-5205.

About PTE Golf
PTE Golf stands for Professional Tournament Enhancements, and that’s exactly what they do: provide a variety of originally designed items specifically for PGA Professionals, Tournament Directors, and Event Coordinators to elevate the appearance and operation of their clubs. Founded by a PGA Professional Bobby Pollitt and his son, Matt Pollitt, in 2004, PTE Golf’s products are formulated to fix common issues that club owners run into when operating a golf course.