MindTRAK Golf Launches Personal Mental-Fitness Platform Powered By Innovative Mobile App

MindTRAK Golf

KELOWNA, British Columbia — MindTRAK Golf Inc., a comprehensive mental-game training system for golfers, is pleased to launch an iOS version of its MindTRAK Golf mobile app which is designed to help users’ access and remain “in the moment” on every shot. Developed and tested in competition by former PGA TOUR winner Richard “Dick” Zokol, MindTRAK’s founder and CEO, and a team of business, IT and golf experts, MindTRAK Golf ingrains techniques that strengthen attentional focus to optimize performance on the golf course.

Golfers know a strong mental game is one of the critical keys to excelling at the sport, but without targeted training and disciplined on-course “thought-skill” techniques, relying on one’s mind as a “15th club” can be an elusive pursuit. With MindTRAK, golfers of any skill level or aspiration can sharpen their ability to perform well under pressure by eliminating the negative and chaotic mental and emotional habits Zokol says can lead to “Golf Insanity” for many players. Training a healthy mindset is at the core of the MindTRAK method.

Zokol says MindTRAK Golf is designed to replace golfers’ problematic “result-oriented” mindsets with a process that keeps them “in the now” as they play. “The mental game process on the course can be simplified down to controlling two important factors. One is the ability to assess the shot and the other is how well that shot is executed,” he says. “There’s an inherent relationship with assessing and executing each golf shot in any given situation. You have to choose to make your score on each hole less relevant. Your thought process is then strictly about, first, picking the correct club, then assessing the lie, wind and other conditions and deciding what type of shot to hit and then executing that shot. You can change your playing perception and perspective to be more ‘in the now.’ This allows you to optimize your performance.”

Using the MindTRAK Golf App

After downloading the MindTRAK Golf app from the iOS App Store, golfers follow the simple steps of entering their clubs in their bag, then choosing the course where they are playing from a supplied list on the app. Prior to the start of each round, the type of round being played— simulated, casual, serious or tournament— is entered. After– or during the round– players rate themselves on each shot’s two Key Performance Markers (KPMs) – assessment and execution. Clicking graphical icons to record a grade for each shot only takes a few seconds.

At the end of the round, three reports are automatically emailed to the user and contacts on the users Share List. The first report generated is the MindTRAK ‘Scorecard’ which shows every Shot Lost and Shot Gained event from the round. A second report indicates each round’s Key Performance Marker information on a ‘KPM Trend Graph,’ compared to a baseline standard from the user’s rounds from the past month. That report might, for instance, show that you consistently miss a certain green short even though you hit the ball well. That would indicate an unsatisfactory assessment, perhaps not taking enough club. A third report, the ‘Round Summary’, deciphers lost and gained shot events in the different Shot Types and Subtypes categories of each round.

MindTRAK Golf captures critical key performance marker data, which identifies the user’s ability to perform in different situations and types of rounds. These different types of rounds have different psychological effects that require specific thought protocols for golfers who want to improve.

While MindTRAK teaches players to focus on the task at hand and not the resulting score, it also provides feedback on a player’s performance deficiencies and tendencies. MindTRAK is a distinct tool for golf coaches to actually see how well their students perform on the golf course. “For example, the feedback might show that a golfer hit great putts all day but didn’t read those putts properly. So rather than work on a putting stroke, that player really needs to work on reading greens,” Zokol explains.

MindTRAK’s Beginnings

Zokol used the foundational tenets of MindTRAK for success late in his playing career. The light turned on at the final round of the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach when he used the technique to fire a 30 on the front nine (then a record for U.S. Opens held at Pebble Beach). It was a breakthrough moment which Zokol says gave him a powerful shift in his perception and sense of freedom in tournament play.

“Even the best players in the world can have a mindset gap and in-round mental habits that trigger anxiety and negatively-conditioned responses. This disrupts their ability to perform to their peak potential,” Zokol says. “The MindTRAK app helps golf coaches and teaching professionals identify the specific Key Performance Markers (KPMs) that cause their students to lose shots and which KPMs lead to shot gained events. From there, coaches can custom-build lesson programs catered to the specific needs of the individual student.”

The Share List in the app allows golfers to automatically send performance data reports to their instructors directly from the MindTRAK app after each round.

Taylor Pendrith, Golf Canada’s Young Pro Squad Find Success with MindTRAK

Three members of Golf Canada’s Young Pro Squad (a developmental program, created by Golf Canada and funded by the Golf Canada Foundation and its sponsors, that helps top Canadian Amateur golfers transition into the professional ranks) beta tested MindTRAK Golf in the summer of 2019. Team member Taylor Pendrith went on a remarkable performance run after implementing MindTRAK Golf protocols on the Mackenzie Tour - PGA TOUR Canada in June 2019. After being introduced to MindTRAK, Pendrith finished T48, T16, 2nd, 3rd, 1st and 5th in consecutive weeks. Pendrith won again two weeks later, this time by a commanding eight-shot margin and finished second on the Mackenzie Tour’s Order of Merit. He is currently ranked fourth on the Korn Ferry Tour’s Regular Season Points List on the strength of four consecutive top-three finishes this summer and has earned a spot in the 120th U.S. Open Championship, to be played next month at Winged Foot Golf Club. The top 25 on the list earn their PGA TOUR cards.

“MindTRAK Golf absolutely helped me with my performance. It got me back to the way I thought when I played my best. I don’t get attached to my bad shots anymore,” Pendrith says.

MindTRAK Golf 2020 Mobile App Launch

As part of the MindTRAK Golf app launch, the company is offering the first 500 players who download the app and record 10 rounds of data on it MindTRAK Golf Founding Member status. Founding Members will enjoy free usage of the MindTRAK app for as long as they choose to remain active members.

For all other players who download and activate the app, MindTRAK Golf is pleased to offer the benefits of the game-changing mental game system for free until the start of the 2021 golf season.

Download the MindTRAK Golf mobile app for free from the iOS App Store and discover your personal golf freedom. For more information, visit www.MindTRAKGolf.com.

About MindTRAK Golf
MindTRAK Golf is a mental-fitness platform for golfers, a Personal Playing Performance Command Center on their moble device. The MindTRAK Golf mobile app’s protocol transforms a player’s perception and perspective. It strengthens the golfer’s attentional-focus (mindset) to optimize playing performance.

With MindTRAK, golfers of any skill level or aspiration can sharpen their ability to perform well under pressure by eliminating the negative and chaotic mental and emotional habits Zokol says can lead to “Golf Insanity” for many players. Training a healthy mindset is at the core of the MindTRAK method.
Download the MindTRAK Golf app on the Apple Inc. App Store for free. Learn more at www.MindTRAKGolf.com.