Dream 18: The Best 18 Holes Built In The Last 44 Years


In this Ran Morrissett article, found on Golf.com, the writer examines what he sees as the finest 18 holes designed over the last 44 years. In part an homage to the 1976 World Atlas of Golf, Morrissett cites that, “Maybe its finest feature is contributing editor Pat Ward-Thomas’s article, ‘Elements of Greatness: A Classic Course.’ Remaining true to each actual hole number (a No. 1 had to stay a No. 1, a No. 2 a No. 2 and so on), Ward-Thomas created an ideal 18, picking one hole from famous courses worldwide.”

Morrissett has come up with his own ‘ideal 18’ utilizing only golf holes designed and built since 1976. He has some fascinating choices and his own set of rules for choosing each one.

To see this fantasy layout, click HERE.